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The Dogs That Deserve to Win Olympic Gold in Rio

The Dogs That Deserve to Win Olympic Gold in Rio

. 3 min read

Ah, the Olympics...the time of year when the greatest athletes on Earth gather together to compete for glory, their country, and a chance to take a dip in some gnarly water? We'll definitely be tuning into the Rio games, but to be honest, we'll also be cheering for the pups who are competing for the athletes' hearts (and ours) back at home. They might not be the fastest or strongest, but they certainly deserve medals for being the most adorable:

Swimmer Ryan Lochte's Frenchie Yeezy

Rio Olympian Dogs Ryan Lochte's Yeezy

We think Yeezy deserves a medal for not chewing his kicks.

Soccer player Alex Morgan's Dog Blue

Rio Olypmpian Dogs Alex Morgan's Blue

The gold for most attentive pup goes to Blue, for sticking out the whole 90 minutes of the game with only half falling asleep.

Gymnast Jake Dalton's Lab Mix Chesney

Rio Olympian Dogs Jake Dalton's Chesney

Probably won't be winning even a bronze for best selfie, but we're sure he'll get more practice during the games.

Swimmer Michael Phelps' Bulldog Herman

Rio Olympian Dogs Michael Phelp's Herman

Definitely the most well-rested dog in the bunch.

Tennis Player Serena Williams' Yorkie Chip

Rio Olympian Dogs Serena Williams' Chip

Chip wins at guarding his human while she sleeps (after a match she's won, no doubt.)

Swimmer Conor Dwyer's Bullmastiff Biggie

Rio Olympian Dogs conor Dwyer's Biggie

Biggie came in first for who can chill on the couch longest. It was actually a pretty tough competition.

Gymnast Aly Raisman's Maltipoo Gibson

Rio Olympian Dogs Aly Raisman's Gibson

This guy gets the most patriotic fan award.

Swimmer Dana Volmer's Bulldog Mallie

Rio Olympian Dogs Dana Volmer's Mallie

Sharing is the only way to win (and steal our hearts) when it comes to Volmer's pup and her adorable baby boy.

Soccer Goalie Hope Solo's Doberman Onyx

Rio Olympian Dogs Hope Solo's Onyx

Onyx deserves something for his incredible self-restraint with those eggs.

Basketball Player Kevin Durant's Bulldog Zozo

Rio Olympian Dogs Kevin Durant's Zozo

Zozo might not be able to dunk, but she can definitely give KD a good stare-down.

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