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If You Build a Dog Food Paradise...the Pups Will Come!

If You Build a Dog Food Paradise...the Pups Will Come!

. 2 min read

Ollie has officially launched! We're live on the internets! We're delivering real, human-grade food to hungry pups all over the country! To celebrate, we built our very own kitchen in the Meatpacking District of NYC—and invited some awesome dogs and their humans to come taste test our food there. Turns out, if you make chops-licking delicious food for pups, they're pretty psyched to come to your party. We also had some adorable adoptable dogs there from our friends at Animal Haven and Mr. Bones and Co. who were chowing down and winning hearts (and hopefully finding homes.) Sharing a few special snaps from the big event:

Our wall o' (real) ingredients, featuring a few of our favorite proteins and produce.

Ollie launch event ingredient wall

One of the adoptable pups, Hammy, trying to get his paws on the human food.

Ollie launch event adoptable dog

Chloe the Mini French and Muffy the Shih Tzu taking a spin on the Ollie cruiser.
Ollie launch event Chloe the Mini French

What About Bentley and Rei the Banshi striking a pose at our ingredient-laden photo booth.
Ollie launch event What About Bentley

Mochi and the City taking it all in atop our kitchen counter.
Ollie launch event Mochi and the City

Sometimes Carl taking a seat next to a jumbo carrot on one of the Casper dog beds.
Ollie launch event Sometimes Carl

Charlie Bear face-planting into our food at the taste-testing table.
Ollie launch event Charlie Bear

The founding humans on team Ollie who, in case you can't tell, are pretty psyched about launch.
Ollie launch event team

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out