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Ollie Foodie: Lola the Maltese Mix

Ollie Foodie: Lola the Maltese Mix

. 3 min read

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime.) In this series, we'll share some of the stories that make us especially proud to fill dogs' bowls with wholesome goodness.

When Gaby Gomez met Lola, the one-and-a-half-year-old Maltese mix was incredibly timid. “Her face was dirty and she looked frightened, so frightened that she wouldn’t let me pick her up,” says Gomez. “She would hide underneath the couch and would hardly come out.” Seven years later, Lola and Gomez are closer than ever (“she’s very attached to me and always wants to sit in my lap,” says Gomez) but Lola’s anxiety is still an issue—and it’s negatively impacted her eating habits.

“I’ve struggled for years to find food Lola would eat,” says Gomez. In the beginning, she tried giving her dry food but then switched to wet food when that didn’t work. “She would constantly have diarrhea and would vomit, too,” says Gomez. “One time I gave her a big bone of beef to chew on and she got really sick and started to poop blood. I took her to the vet, who gave her medicine that helped, but it was the scariest day ever; I thought she was going to die.”

A few months ago, Gomez discovered Ollie and decided to give it a try. “I was willing to try anything Lola would actually eat,” she says. Here’s how Lola responded to the food:


“She was so excited and licked the bowl completely. She does this thing where she scratches her bed when she is really excited, and she did that after she finished eating.


“I gave it to her on a Sunday night and Monday morning she kept scratching my leg. I thought she wanted water or to go outside but she was actually asking me to feed her more Ollie. This is the first time that my dog has asked for food in the seven years that I’ve had her with me.”


“She no longer vomits and has been pooping twice a day. She’s even got a little belly now. It’s so cute.”


“I like that I can see the actual ingredients. Plus, Ollie doesn’t have that nasty dog food smell, and it doesn’t look like Jell-O. I feel good because I finally feel like I am feeding my dog, and she is not starving herself.”


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