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Get to Know Ollie's New and Improved Packaging

Get to Know Ollie's New and Improved Packaging

. 1 min read

We got groomed! And you humans are gonna love it. Over the past two years we've learned a lot about how to make the best freshly cooked meals for dogs--and we've been all ears, listening to what our pet parents to say about the Ollie experience. So we've taken a lot of time to rethink our packaging and...tah-dah! Here it is, all shiny and new. It's more than the equivalent of a shiny coat though--here are some of the real benefits you can expect from the updated Ollie experience:

More fridge space, less frequent shipping

Our new slimmer food packs (no more trays!) take up less space! You'll store them in your freezer and thaw them in your fridge, as needed. Plus they're easier to open--just peel and serve. We'll also fit more food in less frequent shipments, so there will be less unboxing, less waste--and an all-around smaller carbon 'paw-print'!

Same amount of freshly cooked food

We'll still be sending you the same amount of food, calculated according to your pup's profile. Even though it might look a little different in the new packs, the quality of our meals is exactly the same (as is the taste!) We still have the same high standards for safety procedures so you can rest assured that what's going into your dog's bowl is only the best.

Easier to serve the perfect portion

Our updated custom feeding guidelines are even simpler to follow--they're included in every box and on your account page. You'll put your food pack in our new Pup-tainer when you store it in the fridge, to keep it fresh (put the Ollie lid on top!) And our new serving spoon (no more scoop!) makes it easier to portion the food.

Haven't tried our freshly cooked food yet? Get 50% off your first box of meals at!