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7 Healthy Pupsicle Recipes You Have to Try Before It Gets Cold

7 Healthy Pupsicle Recipes You Have to Try Before It Gets Cold

. 2 min read

Summer may be almost over, but the sun is still going strong. A delicious popsicle is the perfect way to help your pup cool off (and treat their tastebuds.)  We rounded up some of the most nutritious recipes that you can easily make for your doggo at home. They're all human-grade so go ahead, steal a lick!

Pumpkin Apple Pupsicles

Photo credit: Sweet and Spicy Monkey

This savory pop contains chicken bone broth, apple and pumpkin, which is a great source of fiber for pups—so it's tasty and improves their digestive health.

Berry and Yogurt Pupsicles

Photo credit: Rover

Your pup will love this creamy pop filled with antioxidant-rich summer berries and protein-packed plain yogurt. You could use a green bean instead of a pretzel as the stick!

Fruit and Beef Pupsicles

Photo credit: Oh Lardy

These hearty pops contain superfoods like coconut oil, which can improve your pup's coat, and blueberries to give your pup a healthy boost. Plus an edible 'stick'!

"Fudge" Pupsicles

Photo credit: Long Haul Trekkers

Don't worry, these vegan, gluten-free pops are made with carob powder (not real chocolate) so they're totally healthy and pup-safe. Carobs contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium.

Apple Crisp Pupsicles

Photo credit: Cheshire Horse

This pop recipe puts a cool new twist on the apple crisp, adding oatmeal and yogurt. Apples are a great source of vitamins A and C, omega-3 and -6, antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols.

Green Smoothie Pupsicles

Photo credit: Cooking with Curls

Your pup finally gets to have his own version of your healthy green juice with this pop, which contains banana, flaxmeal and spinach—the leafy green helps support healthy eyesight in pups.

Chicken Jerky Pumpkin Pupsicles

Photo credit: My Modern Cookery

For pups craving those fall flavors, try out this pop recipe, made with pumpkin puree and yogurt. Plus, our Our Chicken Strips make the perfect stick!

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