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Meet Our Ambassadors: Liv Anderson, Bane + Brue

Meet Our Ambassadors: Liv Anderson, Bane + Brue

. 3 min read

Dog Person of Interest takes a peek into the daily lives and high-speed adventures of Ollie pack members, celebrating the unique and inspiring bonds between dogs and their people.

While on our Ollie Unleashed tour in Austin, Texas, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ambassador Liv Anderson and her two dogs, Bane and Brue, live and in-the-fur. Even at a distance, it’s apparent how much Liv’s pups mean to her. The trio’s connection is tangible, and their excitement is tangible. Bane and Brue’s “big dog energy” quickly turns into lap dog love, despite their commanding size.

Liv, like us, is lucky enough to have turned her love for dogs into a career, giving her a sense of purpose and a platform to dispel negative stereotypes about certain breeds and pup parenting in general. Her sense of humor makes educational moments easier to swallow while also reminding us that we’re not alone in our struggles to keep our pups happy and healthy.

Photo courtesy of @grizzly_bane

Bond, Liv Bond

Both Bane and Brue were originally adopted by Liv’s parents and came to her at different times in her life.

“My parents got Bane when I was in college.  When he was two, I moved back home from school and bonded with him quickly. My parents were going to re-home him because he was a lot for them to handle, so I took him home with me.”

A couple years later, Liv would fall in love with her parents’ Bernese Mountain Dog, Brue, who would later join, and complete the family pack.

Photo by Elizabeth Kreutz

BIG differences

There’s a lot lurking underneath all of that floof. Similar in stature only, Bane and Brue couldn’t be more different. Liv describes Brue as a social butterfly, loving to be the life of the party and making new human friends easily and often. Her German Shepherd, Bane, on the other hand, prefers to keep his social circle small and intimate.

“Bane is more of a cat personality,” Liv explains.  “He loves his mom and doesn’t mind if others are around, but he doesn’t seek out their attention.”

Balancing these vastly different needs is a challenge, but Liv makes it look easy and entertaining. Just a quick scroll through her Instagram reels, and you can see how she lets each pup’s personality, quirks, and talents shine. Liv also takes these differences into consideration when planning out the perfect day for her pups and understanding each one’s unique love language.

“I love to get them out and around other people and dogs. Bane loves other dogs, so when he gets to run around with them, he is in heaven,” Liv notes, but when it comes to social butterfly Brue, she’s happier to be where the people are.

“Brue doesn’t care about other dogs much, but she loves to get pets from all the humans. It makes me so happy to see how much joy they bring to others.”

A “dog’s dog,” Bane loves to be chased around by his parents and other pups, while Brue is happiest when she’s snuggling with her humans, fitting all 110 pounds of fluff onto Liv’s lap — proving lap dog is just a state of mind.

Photo by Elizabeth Kreutz

Feeding dogs' unique needs

Being able to individualize her pups’ nutrition is also incredibly important to Liv:

“Both of my dogs have sensitive stomachs and allergies, so it is essential for me to know what is in their food.”

Sensitivities, allergies, and unique preferences are just a few of the reasons Ollie is a great fit for Liv, Bane, and Brue. Bane avoids triggering a long list of protein allergies by sticking to Ollie’s Fresh Chicken recipe, while Brue keeps her sensitive stomach calm with Lamb.

Ollie is not just for the persnickety pup, but our gentle recipes and flexible plans make it easy to create a mealtime routine that works best for your pup’s needs, should they require a bit of extra care and attention.

Overall, Liv has seen improvements in Bane and Brue’s health since feeding them Ollie. Their luscious coats stand out in particular, and their energy levels are right where they need to be to keep up with all of the exercise and adventure Liv has in store for them. We love to see it!

Interested in adding Ollie to your pup’s daily routine? Get expert recommendations on the right meal plan for your pup at