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The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

. 3 min read

Not a huge fan of hanging out with other humans? We get it. We're dog people too! But certain pups are better suited to people who like to keep to themselves—and are pretty much born to be your low-maintenance, (relatively) quiet canine companion. So if an endearingly droopy bloodhound who howls all day long or a chipper border collie who needs hours of dog park time isn’t your ideal match, here are a handful of more independent pups:



Owners of Basenjis will tell you that this pup can act more like a cat! They rarely bark or howl, very much enjoy their alone time and independence, and don't get too worked up even when they're excited.

Irish Wolfhound


This charming gentle giant is on the quiet side and relishes in low-key alone time. They’re affectionate and tolerant of humans, children and other pets, and like to run around outside to blow off steam.

Saint Bernard


Large and in charge, the Saint Bernard is one undemanding, lovable canine. They’re quiet, laidback, and prefer hanging out with their owners 24/7. No pressure, though—it can mean hanging out in the same room together while you’re reading a book.

Shiba Inu


If you prefer a more outgoing, higher energy pup, the Shiba Inu perfect. Though it needs exercise and affection, the breed is low-intensity, highly adaptable and not anxious when left alone.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi


Undeniably adorable and laidback, the Welsh Corgi is a wonderful breed for shy types. They actually prefer being a homebody with a human, but can do well alone for short periods of time.

Rescue Pups


If you walk into a shelter and connect with a rescue dog—regardless of its breed—take it home! At the end of the day, pups have individual personalities, just like us. We’ve known shy huskies who just want to cuddle, loyal mixed breeds who love to go hiking with you, and even quiet hounds who prefer to gnaw on a bone by the fire.

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