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The Best Dog Breeds For Humans With Anxiety

The Best Dog Breeds For Humans With Anxiety

. 2 min read

Anxiety sucks. Managing it can suck too. The myriad treatments for anxiety range from medications to meditations, but there's a four-legged prescription that shouldn't be overlooked. Research has shown the mental and physical benefits of dog ownership, everything from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress. Put simply, dogs are the opposite of suck. Dogs are awesome.

And while all dogs are pretty deft at helping you find your happy place, some breeds are a particularly good fit for the high strung. Let's meet some favorites:

Newfoundland - In addition to the gargantuan teddy bear-ness of the breed, this dog is intelligent and extremely loyal with lots of energy to burn. She will read your signals, offer support, and then motivate you to get outside and exercise.

Yorkshire Terrier - It's impossible to feel alone when you have a Yorkie because this teeny, affectionate sweetheart will follow you everywhere you go. (And she's often small enough to tag along in public inside your bag.)

Boxer - Despite her name, she's a lover, not a fighter. Her sixth sense is tuned to you and your feelings. She's just as content snuggling next to you as playing fetch, whatever you're in the mood for.

Great Dane - She's enormous, but it seems to be all heart inside that giant frame. Known as the "gentle giant," this is a notoriously sweet and affectionate breed. And bonus: not a barker.

Cocker Spaniel - Laid-back is this breed's modus operandi. She's the perfect model of not freaking out, which is a nice reminder for the naturally anxious. Not only will she love you unconditionally, she'll help put things in perspective.

Dachshund - More family member than dog, this dog needs to be part of whatever is going on and will have your back in the most loyal way like the twin sister you never had. She loves to sleep in your bed, soothe your nerves, and please don't ever break it to her that she's not human.

Labrador Retriever - Smart, easy to train, totally dependable, and hopelessly devoted to you are just a few of the traits that make this dog a favorite for anxiety sufferers. She sees the best in you and makes friends everywhere she goes. Who doesn't need a wingman like that?

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