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7 Things Only Beagle Parents Understand

7 Things Only Beagle Parents Understand

. 2 min read

If all you know of the Beagle is Snoopy from Peanuts, you've only seen a one-dimensional version of this fantastic, fickle, and full-of-personality breed. The humans who know and love Beagles can tell you a thing or two about these total characters.

They have more selective hearing problems than a teenager.
If you whisper something about a "treat" or a "walk" a beagle can hear it from four rooms away, but the minute you mention potty breaks or want to know who chewed the couch cushion? Yeah, good luck there.

They have an inner Adele.
And they're not afraid to let her loose, which is why—especially when left alone—they tend to croon at full volume their version of "HELLOO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIDE!" Prepare to deliver regular plates of cookies o the neighbors.

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They have more pent-up energy than Cotton Candy Girl.
Do not underestimate the energy level of the Beagle, especially the young Beagle. And don't think that one little walk around the block will cut it. Here's a fun game: try and wear a Beagle out. Oops, sorry, you can't.

They get along with all of the animals.
Cats? Sure. Babies? No problem. Families of every shape and size? Bring it on. This affable pup can get along with just about everyone, even your mother-in-law. And that's saying something.

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They woke up like that.
Don't bother investing in dog brushes, the Beagle's short-hair coat is super easy to maintain with a simple scratch behind the ears and a belly rub. At least, according to the Beagles.

They want to be picked for allll the teams. If you've got a frisbee or ball in one hand, no need to send a group text with the other to recruit friends. The Beagle will play catcher, short stop, running back, tight end, outfielder, and team mascot. All. At. Once.

They ain't nothing but a hound dog.
While they do have a razor-sharp intellect, Beagles frequently think with their noses first. If they catch a scent, say goodbye to anything else on the schedule. And literally say goodbye if they aren't on a leash because a Beagle's gotta do what a Beagle's gotta do.

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