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5 Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

5 Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

. 2 min read

You already know that chocolate is off limits for your dog, as is salt and even that little bit of beer left in your glass, despite what your frat boy neighbor believes. But there are other foods you might be unaware are dangerous for dogs. Here are five big ones:

  1. Caffeine. The jolt you get from coffee is exponentially stronger in your dog, taking a toll on his heart and nervous system. And while you're not likely to give your dog your leftover venti macchiato, you might be surprised that caffeine is found in places like protein bars, yogurt, and even fancy bottled waters. So, before you share some of your post-hike snacks with your pup, carefully read the labels.

  2. Your Medicine. It might be tempting to offer an ailing dog some of your over-the-counter meds to relieve discomfort or pain, but never administer any meds without your vet's advice. And make like a toddler parent and keep them out of reach.

  3. Grapes and Raisins. These harmless-for-humans little orbs can cause big trouble for your pet's system. Though it's not understood exactly why, even a few grapes or raisins is enough to cause vomiting in dogs and in some cases kidney failure.

  4. Macadamia Nuts. Best to keep these off the coffee table (raw or roasted), since they are toxic to dogs. Symptoms of poisoning include tremors, weakness or paralysis of the hindquarters, vomiting, fever and racing heart rate. If you notice these, call your vet STAT!

  5. Bones. There's not a more iconic treat for a dog than a bone, but resist the urge to toss one to your dog. Not only could they chip their teeth, but bones can break and sliver, causing intestinal punctures or even choking. Throw your dog a figurative bone and put the real bones in the garbage.

If you're ever concerned about a food, always Google first. And if you think your dog may have ingested something dangerous, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435.

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