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10 Things Only Corgi Parents Understand

10 Things Only Corgi Parents Understand

. 3 min read

Sure, you’re used to seeing this stout breed at the heels of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but the Corgi is hardly a haughty aristocrat. This big dog in a small body is really a fan of the simple things in life: fun and family. (They wouldn’t lift a pinky finger even if they could!) Those who adore these pups the best know these things to be true:

They are good sports

Or, more aptly put, Corgis are good at sports. Highly trainable and much more agile and quick than they appear, the Corgi is a herder at heart. If you don’t have a field full of cattle to shepherd, this breed will make do herding a yard full of tennis balls.

They’re (probably) smarter than a fifth grader

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Corgis by nature are alert and engaged all the time, which makes them fun to play with and surprisingly easy to train. They don’t miss a thing, which means they know exactly where you hide your secret stash of treats.

They need a firm boss

Strong-willed, independent, and super smart are just a few of the characteristics Corgis possess, and an Alpha human will help guide those traits into positives not negatives. Otherwise, it can be the Corgi version of Cat in the Hat 24/7.

They’re hip to the nip

Nipping: good for herding cattle, bad for everything else (especially your ankles). The Corgi has nipping in its DNA, a habit that needs to be broken as a puppy unless you plan to don two layers of wool socks year-round.

Their kryptonite is boredom

Corgis thrive on activity, both physical and mental. They love a new game, a new trick, and a new puzzle to nuzzle a treat out of a hidden compartment. If left alone for long periods of time, the Corgi will start inventing its own game, like Chew the Legs on the Sofa.

They shed a few pounds (of hair)

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Regular brushing and a quality vacuum cleaner are two musts for any Corgi-loving family because this breed sheds…a lot. Like, a lot a lot. The upside is that all this shedding helps keep this active dog remarkably clean!

They make themselves at home

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While this breed certainly enjoys sprawling farmland (or sprawling London palaces), the Corgi doesn’t need it to be happy. They adapt well to all types of living spaces, including small apartments (as long as they get regular exercise). Home is wherever they’re with you.

They define #squadgoals

A Corgi is nothing if not loyal to family and friends. They are fantastic around kids and other family pets, polite to people you invite in your home, and all-out watchdog on strangers (including strange squirrels and cats).

They want to connect on LinkedIn

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With all that brains and brawn, Corgis are happiest when they have a good job to put it all to use. Whether it’s keeping the neighbor’s cat at bay, retrieving endless squeaky toys, or fetching the morning paper, this breed lives for a job done right.

They have the gift of gab

Without proper training, a Corgi can dominate all conversations with a lot of needless barking (not unlike that guy from Accounting.) Some early etiquette lessons about using an inside voice and not barking out of turn will pay off for a lifetime.

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