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10 Things Only Basset Hound Parents Understand

10 Things Only Basset Hound Parents Understand

. 2 min read

From their long, floppy ears to those woeful sunken eyes, the Basset Hound is the breed that most resembles a caricature of itself. And life with a Basset Hound can often feel like a cartoon, complete with eye rolls and aw-shucks moments. But this pup has certain quirks only their humans can really appreciate:

  1. They won't play favorites. This easy-going, affable dog loves everyone in the family equally, and bonds with everyone—even the cat. Great news for parents. Bad news for middle children with an intense need to be the loved the most.

  2. They want to know what's in it for them. Yes, they see how intensely you want them to jingle the bell by the door to be let out to go to the bathroom, but until you connect that to a reward (made of food), it ain't happening.

  3. **They can be trained, but...**This is a dog that doesn't rush into anything (except for maybe a nap in a sun puddle), so plan on playing the long game when it comes to training. Emphasis on the long.

  4. They don't mind the UPS guy. Barking is not really the Basset Hound's thing. No need to alert everyone to every person and squirrel in proximity, this breed saves its voice for loud, yowling bellows at the open sky instead.

  5. They don't appreciate being called lazy. Just because Basset Hounds emit a constant low-energy vibe doesn't mean they are lazy. They will totally join you for a long walk...after their 12 hour nap.

  6. They are Olympic-caliber sniffers. True to their hound nature, this breed will catch a scent and follow it to the ends of the earth. Which is why a leash or a fenced in yard is an important part of keeping a Basset Hound where you need him.

  7. They can tip the scales. An intense lover of all things edible, this breed has a tendency to pack on the pounds, especially with age. Since there's no such thing as Basset Hound CrossFit, regular exercise is pretty much mandatory to keep this dog healthy through the years.

  8. They can raise a stink. Not only does this breed have a distinct smell that's kinda musky, but the Basset Hound is capable of some intensely powerful flatulence. Nothing clears a room faster, (which can come in handy if you've got houseguests who tend to overstay.)

  9. They snore (and snore some more). The Basset Hound can make a great scapegoat in the mystery of Whose Snoring Is Disrupting My Sleep? Because while it's unclear whether or not your partner is to blame, the dog definitely is.

  10. They are always good for a laugh. Is everything funnier with a Basset Hound? Yes. Yes, it is. Just peer into the Resting Despair Face of the Basset Hound and try not to admit that life is a dark comedy. We dare you.

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