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Jaime Bast is a registered veterinary technician from Saint Louis, Missouri. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and english from Saint Louis University in 2008 before falling in love with veterinary medicine, pivoting her career plans, and completing her veterinary technician education and licensure in 2012. A lifelong learner, Jaime’s participation in dog sports and training led her to become a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner (CCRP) through the University of Tennessee in 2017 and a certified professional dog trainer (KPA-CTP) with Karen Pryor Academy in 2018. Jaime has a love of writing that has never waivered, and she joined Rumpus Writing and Editing as a veterinary copywriter in June 2021. Jaime is owned, loved, and trained by her cocker spaniel sidekicks, Tutti Fruitti and Luigi.


Posts by Jaime Bast, RVT


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5 Healthy Treats for Dogs You Can Make With Ollie Ingredients

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