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Win Winter with Ollie: Hydration

Win Winter with Ollie: Hydration

. 2 min read

When you think about keeping your dog hydrated, you probably worry about them drinking enough in the hot summer sun. You might not know that is is just as easy for your dog to get dehydrated in the winter.

Lower humidity and dry air can make your pup feel dry and thirsty! While you should always have fresh, cool water available to your pup there are a few other things you can do to help keep your pup hydrated in the colder winter months. We offer you three of our best tips to keep your pup hydrated if they don't want to drink.


  1. Try offering your dog some bone broth

Since your pup might not drink tea and hot chocolate is off limits, a warm dish of dog friendly bone broth might help keep your pup hydrated. Bone broth contains vitamins, minerals and even some protein. It's a great choice for pups who might be stressed by the cold weather as well.


  1. Give your pup some fruit or vegetables

If your pup isn't super excited about drinking water on a cold day, you can also offer them some foods with higher water content. Cucumbers, strawberries, melon, and rasberries are all great choices. Since some of these foods will be out of season you might pay a premium at the grocery store. If its in your budget to splurge, some fresh berries can benefit you both this time of year.


  1. Offer your pup fresh food in place of kibble

Since we are a fresh food company, we would be remiss not to mention that fresh food has a higher water content than dried kibble. If your pup isn't drinking enough, this dietary change might help your pup better hydrate. Ollie's four delicious Recipes will please any palate and our human-grade ingredients provide complete and balanced nutrition to pups of all ages, breeds and sizes. Take our onboarding quiz to customize a meal plan for your pup.

Staying hydrated is a great way to take care of yourself and your pup. Make sure you are both getting enough water, sleep and healthy food this winter.

The Ollie blog is devoted to helping pet parents lead healthier lives with their pups. If you want to learn more about our fresh, human-grade food, check out