The Ollie Friday Warm and Fuzzies

The Ollie Friday Warm and Fuzzies

Okay, this week was interesting...politically, of course, but also—puts on Jerry Seinfeld voice—"What's the deal with the weather?" Seriously, it's cold, it's warm, it's sunny, it's raining...make up your mind! If the bipolar forecast is getting you down, these stories will pick you back up:

Lonely? This pup found love in a hopeless place.


Apparently pups enjoy listening to Bob Marley. No treats, no cry.


Human mom + dog mom = hearts exploding.


And then a heroooo comes alooooong.


The relationship between this mailman and pup shatters stereotypes.


This bulldog is up in the gym just working on his fitness.


Brett Ambrose

Brett Ambrose

Social Media/Customer Service at Ollie. I love big mutts and I cannot lie.


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