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The Ollie Friday Warm and Fuzzies

The Ollie Friday Warm and Fuzzies

. 2 min read

Looking for a little good news today (ahem, Inauguration, ahem)? We've got you. Look no further than our round-up the most heartwarming pup stories we found on the web this week.

Who knew the Queen was such a softie when it came to rescuing dogs? All hail!


Little kids with their giant dogs? We're in.


Rescue dog to the rescue! This pup's licking saved his human family.


Breaking news: Corgi tries running through snow piled bigger than him, [has a blast]((


Dog saved from being Trump’s dog. Absolutely terrific news, just terrific. Huge!


And of course, shout out to the real Ollie MVPs: foster parents Lizzie and Will.


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