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The Ollie Friday Warm and Fuzzies

The Ollie Friday Warm and Fuzzies

. 2 min read

With this week being all about love we thought we'd share some more with these extra special feel-good pup stories with you. Because dogs really do make your heart happier.

Talk about pups who know how to spread the love.

abc NEWS

Spoiler alert: Zee German pup won!

NY Times

Confirmation that there is no better therapist than a dog.

South Bend TRIBUNE

Bet you've never met a deaf Dalmatian therapy dog before.


These dads finally gave into some serious puppy love.

mother nature network

Thelma and Louise. Romy and Michelle. Lucy and Sully.

the dodo

Meet Ava, the avalanche-rescue-dog-in-training.


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