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The Friday Warm and Fuzzies

The Friday Warm and Fuzzies

. 2 min read

Happy Friday, humans! It’s heating up out there with summer right around the corner (how is it already June?!) So sit back, cool off, and check out some of the most pup-lifting stories from the Internet this week.

We petition to have Penny live-tweet every Phillies game from now on.

SB Nation

How could you be mad if your flight’s delayed for this adorable reason?


Miss Peanut should win “Most Likely to Brighten Everyone’s Day”.


These pet parents figure out how to win bath time.

The Charlotte Observer

Molly proves you’re never too young to start rescuing pups.

The Dodo

Someone tell Anna Wintour to add these pups to the Met Gala guest list.


Bored Panda

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