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The Friday Warm and Fuzzies

The Friday Warm and Fuzzies

. 1 min read

Happy Friday, humans! Head into the long weekend on a high note by checking out this week's most pup-spiring stories on the Internet!

This pup just wants someone to read to him.

Library pup


The winner of the Westminster dog show, Flynn the bichon frise, took fluff to new heights!

Westminster pup


Chloe the therapy dog has stolen our hearts.


Gloucester Times

When your dog is your toddler and wants to bring his blankie with him everywhere.

Great dane

The Dodo

Celebs—they're just like us! They sing to their dogs!

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Abigail Libers

Abigail Libers is a writer and editor living in New York. Her articles have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Refinery29, and more. She's the step-mom of a wheaten terrier named Oliver.