Holiday Gift Guide For People and Pups

Holiday Gift Guide For People and Pups

Holiday gift guide for dogs and humans Holiday gift guide for dogs and humans Holiday gift guide for dogs and humans

We’ve rounded up our favorite gift ideas from some of our favorite brands for your entire gift list, two- and four-legged alike.

  1. Whistle GPS Dog Tracker- it goes right on your dog’s collar and sends info directly to your phone for real time tracking and location if a backyard squirrel chase goes rogue.
  2. Zeel - The only gift better than a Swedish massage during the holidays is an in-home massage from a licensed therapist on the same day you want it. (Currently serving humans only. Sorry, canines.)
  3. Birch Box - For the person who loves to try a little bit of everything, a monthly sampling of goods--everything from hair and makeup to home and food--it’s a great way to discover new favorites.
  4. Plated - Chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients shipped right to the door? A great gift for your favorite dinner companion.
  5. Casper - And puppy makes three? Might need a bigger bed. The new mattress that arrives in a box and gets rave reviews. (We hear even the unwrapping is a joy.)
  6. Handy - Everybody could use a hand around the house, picking up or putting something back together. (Maybe a screen door a certain four-legged friend burst through?)
  7. Class Pass - If joining only one gym or yoga studio flares up their commitment issues, this gift lets your loved one workout whenever, wherever.
  8. S’well- A classy water bottle is a gift everyone could use. Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and they even sell a size big enough to fill with a bottle of wine. Picnic in the park, anyone?
  9. Soul Cycle - Is it a workout or a new religion? Hard to say, but a gift membership will result in devotion, either way.
  10. Outdoor Voices- Sweat-worthy gear that still looks sharp is now a walk in the (dog) park. Time to retire the ratty old tees with pit stains. (You’re welcome to put that last part on the gift tag.)
  11. Hungryroot - You don’t even have to be a vegan to love this delicious (not to mention gorgeous) food. It’s comfort food veggie-style.
  12. PAW5- A pet bowl that’s part puzzle? Genius. A brilliant idea for dogs who need more intellectual stimulation but are not quite ready for sudoku.
  13. Vintage Stripe Dog Bed - Let’s be honest, the old dog bed is an eyesore. Here’s a refresh in your choice of size and color that is comfy and won’t repel houseguests.
  14. Bowsers Artisan Diner- Elevate meal time for your your pet literally and figuratively. Natural wood feeder with dishwasher-safe bowls. Linen napkin totally optional.
Gabby Slome

Gabby Slome

NYC native. Certified canine nutritionist. Equestrian. World traveler. Columbia Business School grad. Healthy eater. Mom to the best mutt in the world, (well according to me), Pancho.


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