Grooming Gone Wild

Grooming Gone Wild

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the dog groomers. We’ve asked our panel of judgmental dogs to share their thoughts on some recent dog grooming trends.

grooming gone wild, dog with lion cut
"Looks like somebody's ready for the neighborhood production of The Lion King." - Spanks

"Well, this should terrify all the near-sighted people at the dog park." - Dame Dorothy

"Please tell me somebody spray painted the cat to look like a zebra." - Spartacus
grooming gone wild, dog with no fur
"I didn't know they made dog bobblehead dolls!" - Spanks

"Do you ever have that dream where you realize you've been walking around all day without any fur on?" - Dame Dorothy

"Ever since Fifi learned to use the remote control, she's had such a big head." - Spartacus
grooming gone wild, dog with square fur
"When you walk into the salon and say, 'I'll have the Instagram logo, please.'" - Spanks

"I don't think it's been hip to be square since 1986." - Dame Dorothy

"Hey, I found Picasso's dog!" - Spartacus
grooming gone wild, dog with mohawk
"Looks like there have been some major budget cuts for the next Jurassic Park movie." - Spanks

"Extinction is not always a bad thing." - Dame Dorothy

"I'd give anything to see him walking around a small Lego city." - Spartacus
grooming gone wild, dog with x on back
"Never be the first one to fall asleep at a sleepover." - Spanks

"X marks the Spot." - Dame Dorothy

"This is what happens when people start saying that overalls are back in style." - Spartacus
grooming gone wild, dog with hair flow
"This dog's a Belieber." - Spanks

"So, that's where Trump gets his hair pieces!" - Dame Dorothy

"No, no, I said, roll over, not comb over!" - Spartacus
grooming gone wild, dog with a faux hawk
"When you say, 'What happened to my hair gel,' what exactly do you mean?" - Spanks

"If you've got it, flaunt it." - Dame Dorothy

"Is that a faux hawk, or are you just happy to see me?" - Spartacus

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Gabby Slome

Gabby Slome

NYC native. Certified canine nutritionist. Equestrian. World traveler. Columbia Business School grad. Healthy eater. Mom to the best mutt in the world, (well according to me), Pancho.


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