7 Dog Coats for Winter You'll Wish You Could Wear Too

7 Dog Coats for Winter You'll Wish You Could Wear Too

Say it with us: Winter is coming. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, that means gearing up for a 10-hour binge session. If you’re a pet parent, however, it means finding a coat to protect your pup from harsh weather—and, obviously, to show off their inimitable style on the streets. A few of our favorites:

For the dog with discerning taste

winter coats, gray fleece
This Berlin-made fleece-lined coverup proves Germans may have the chicest canine style.

For the dog who's reading "Born to Run"

winter coats, denim vest
Lead The Walk
Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your pup can’t dress like the rock star they really are.

For the dog who wishes he lived on a horse farm

winter coats, barn coat
Canine Styles
Barn coats with brown corduroy lining (and Frenchie ears) never really go out of style.

For the sophisticated city slicker

winter coats,trench
Ralph Lauren
This classic waterproof trench will make you wish you’d named your dog Sherlock Bones.

For the dog who likes to layer

winter coats, warm fleece
Ruff Wear
This "Climate Changer" coat can be worn by itself or under another jacket when it's is Polar Vortex cold.

For the dog who likes to shine bright like a diamond

winter coats, reflective jacket
You’re always telling your dog that she could stop traffic…with this reflective coat, now she really can.

For the dog who gets super cold paws

I Love My Dog
This puffer is filled with down so it keeps 'em warm, but is lightweight so it won't interfere with their strut.

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Pearl Steinberg

Pearl Steinberg

Pearl Steinberg is a writer with a passion for Akitas, Boxers, Coonhounds and Dogs that start with every other letter of the alphabet.


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